Nationwide survey among pensioners collecting data for the Pension System results based monitoring framework

  • Sector:Pension system
  • Services: Public surveys
  • Period: May 27, 2015-August 25, 2015
  • Description:

The Survey was conducted within the frames of the USAID-funded Pension Reform Implementation Program (PRIP) implemented by the Chemonics International. The major beneficiary of the Survey results is the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA).

In 2014, the RA MLSA and the PRIP Team set up a Working Group that developed the Labor Pensions Project result-based monitoring and evaluation methodology. In this methodology, the involved experts defined relevant monitoring and evaluation indicators for the respective system of the Labor Pensions Project, including:

  1. Living standards and income sources of labor pensioners,
  2. Pensioners’ satisfaction with services,
  3. Public support for the pension system.

This Survey resulted in collection of necessary primary information database for calculating the above mentioned indicators. Both the quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection were applied in that process. The quantitative method contained face-to-face interviewing of respondents from all categories of pensioners served by the local offices of the State Social Security Service of the RA MLSA. The sample of respondents comprised 1,000 people from Yerevan and 10 marzes (regions). Upon obtaining quantitative survey data, the involved experts performed a statistical analysis. As for the qualitative component of the survey, 8 Focus Group Discussions were held with a total of 89 pensioners from the smallest sub-groups of the survey sample.

The separate survey was implemented among 51 territorial divisions of the State Social Security Service of the RA MLSA with total number of 102 employees. Employees of the territorial divisions assessed the available resources for providing services within the mentioned program: clarity of legislative regulations, opportunities offered by the operating information system and simplicity, timely awareness of ongoing changes, availability of program awareness resources.

The Working Group of the RA MLSA received baseline data that is applicable for effective and impartial evaluation of every social security project. The updated Project monitoring and evaluation methodology makes it possible to assess the Project outcomes and identify any gaps and discrepancies between the targets and actual performance results.