Preparation of "Kapan Small Farmers’ Association" strategic development plan

  • Sector:Agriculture, agricultural services and infrastructure
  • Services: Strategic planning
  • Period: March 10, 2008-May 31, 2008
  • Description:

The assignment involved research and development of rural livelihood strategy for “Kapan Small Farmers’ Association” NGO (KSFA) with pro-poor approach and sustainability building, given the emerging opportunities and challenges Armenia will face in coming years.  Strategic Development Plan for the KSFA was prepared with the purpose of securing the sustainability of the KSFA projects' outputs, as well as the KSFAs enhancement. Main goal of designing a Strategic development plan is to ensure long-term stability and predictability for the organization, as well as to reveal priority problems and define possible ways of their solution, to find out strengths and weaknesses of the organization, and finally, to assess the organization's abilities to fight and withstand external challenges.

The research was carried out based on poverty analyses (OK not OK HH categorisation) papers and other relevant research materials. Information necessary for development of Strategic Development Plan was collected via desk research and qualitative interviews and focus group discussions with various stakeholders on regional and communities' level.

In particular, Strategic Development Plan addressed the following aspects of the KSFA activity:

  • Revision and definition of KSFA goals and objectives;
  • Analysis and presentation of KSFA ongoing profile;
  • Analysis of KSFA operational environment, including operations' area, beneficiaries, partners and competitors;
  • Analysis of KSFA ongoing capacities, including human resources, infrastructure, and other;
  • Assessment of the current complex position of KSFA;
  • Development of activity plan for further development in line with finalized goal and objectives;
  • Development of monitoring and evaluation plan, and application tools.

Finalized document was presented to KSFA NGO and OXFAM representatives during the workshop specifically organized for that purpose.