Social survey on food safety public awareness

  • Sector:Food safety
  • Services: Public surveys
  • Period: February 18, 2015-July 18, 2015
  • Description:

The Food Safety Capacity Building Project financed by the Institutional Development Fund grant of the World Bank has been implemented in Armenia since 2012. The Project is implemented by the RA Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural Agricultural PIU and is aimed at food safety institutional capacity building to ensure improvent of food safety throughout the entire food chain.

The need for implementation of social survey was caused by the State Food Safety Service (SFSS) Communication Strategy development process, and the results are intended for development of the Public Awareness Action Plan.

The subject of the survey was food buyers awareness, confidence and behavior on food safety (perishability period of products, labeling, storage conditions, procurement points and other) issues.

The social survey was conducted among 1,066 respondent households and covered the whole territory of Armenia. The survey targets the food-buyers in Armenia and particularly those who show behavioral attributes of independent customer by making decisions on what and how to buy.

Both the quantitative and qualitative surveying methods were used for the implementation of the social survey on Food Safety Public Awareness. The social survey on Food Safety Public Awareness addresses the following 2 major issues:

  1. Collection of first hand data via implementation of a wide-scale quantitative survey of public awareness to amend the SSFS communications strategy and action plan.
  2. Elaboration of a source database for regular monitoring of the food safety public awareness and current information needs.

Overall, the food safety awareness level of food-buyers might be assessed as being on average level; consumers’ confidence level was identified to be low, and behavioral attributes as passive and adaptive, resulted from low awareness of their rights protection. The food-buyers with such an average profile are unable to make good allies and assistants to the competent food safety authorities. Obviously, the food safety public awareness campaign shall make the cornerstone of the SSFS Communication Strategy, with coherent awareness policies pursued. 

The Survey Report is presented at the "Publications" section of our website.

Social survey on food safety public awareness