Assessment of the domestic perception of Armenian pharmaceutical products

  • Sector:Pharmaceutical industry
  • Services: Public surveys
  • Period: April 10, 2008-July 31, 2008
  • Description:

The first and main evaluators of Armenian pharmaceuticals are consumers. Their perception of consuming pharmaceuticals of Armenian origin has direct influence on local producers' operation. Thus, the current survey was conducted to answer the following questions:

  • To what extent were consumers aware of Armenian pharmaceuticals?
  • What was the perception of consumers towards the Armenian pharmaceuticals?
  • What behavior had consumers while purchasing pharmaceuticals of Armenian origin, which were the main factors affecting that behavior?

Three different groups of consumers were separated for the implementation of the research - resident - consumers, representatives of clinics, i.e. responsible officers for purchasing pharmaceuticals and physicians, representatives of pharmacies, i.e. managers/owners and pharmacists. Thus, the survey of Armenian pharmaceuticals' consumers has been conducted among 5 different targeted groups of respondents.

The perception survey was conducted among 700 respondents representing 5 major groups, i.e. resident-consumers, officers responsible for purchasing of pharmaceutical products for clinics, physicians, pharmacy managers, and pharmacists. The survey was conducted in 4 regions of Ararat, Kotayk, Lori, and Yerevan. The perception survey addressed the following aspects:

  • General profile of consumers and assessed pharmacies;
  • Consumer awareness of Armenian pharmaceutical production, including the extent of familiarity with Armenian pharmaceuticals, analysis of sources of information about local pharmaceuticals;
  • Consumer awareness of Armenian producers of pharmaceuticals, including analysis of producers known to general public, and sources of information about producers;
  • Consumers perception towards Armenian pharmaceuticals, including experience of using local pharmaceuticals, analysis of attitude, perception towards specific features of local pharmaceuticals;
  • Assessment of various consumers' behavior during the procurement of pharmaceuticals;
  • Assessment of marketing and promotion efforts of Armenian producers and their efficiency.

Results of the survey and analysis were presented to USAID/CAPS Project team and representatives of pharmaceutical industry in Armenia.

Assessment of the domestic perception of Armenian pharmaceutical products: Market research report